Agres Development is a permanent partner in the Egyptian market. It deals with agrochemicals,including, biostimulants , bio-pesticides , natural pesticides , public health products, liquid fertilizers, plant stimulants and enhancers, seeds, and sprayers. We keep up with the newest developments in those fields. It has three departments; technical, marketing, and financial. For more than 20 years in the Egyptian market, our management has made a commitment to support agricultural development in Egypt by supplying and supporting the products and services from the multinational companies to the farmers. Today we offer a full package of products including complete service to the end user. As the needs of our customers have changed, our determination to provide the best products and after market support in the industry has remained firm. Our commitment to our customers in Egypt is stronger than ever. The average of our annual sales growing from year to year and our workforce of around 32 people covers the country, in addition to part-timers in each province. Our extensive product range supports the production of high-quality foodstuffs and renewable resources. 



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