Lignokal Plus

Lignokal Plus

 lingokal plus


 Agroup of high efficiency algmaah important elements in fertilization and unique combination of calcium , 

mangnesium , nitrogen and other elements .

Rapid absorption of micronutrients to its existence in the chelating image (EDTA).

-Better growth of the plant,high quality, producing and fair and longer shelf life of the crop .

- it increases the contract process and install the fruits of many fruit and vegetable crops.

- The best solution for many of the diseases caused by the lack of physiological elements such as calcium and magnesium .

- It prevents the appearance of amusty party syphilis and combustion and deformation of leaves tops in many

different vegetables and fruit crops . 

- Prevent the phenomenon of hyper and cracked grains fruits of grapes .

- Prevent the phenomenon of time - per- click and deformation of leaves and physiological problems in storager apples.

-Prevent the phenomenon of heart cava in potatoes. 

-Strengthen the root of the plant cells and assume astronger position to resist stress and disease . 

- Give the vegetative growth of side shoots for efficient representation and the reduction of nitrogen to the presence of

  almolbydenm element with in the plant.

-Activate many important enzymes and raise the representation of photosynthesis with in the plant .

-  The degree of acidity compound PH 4.5 .

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