Hermolin SL 1%

Hermolin SL 1%


Growth regulator contains aunique combination of alcetochinin and oxygen

as a catalyst for the growth of the forces of the plant .

Chemical Composition:

Naphthalene acetic acid


1%(Cytokinin:Benzyl adenine


Alkyl polyglucoside 2,5%

 Compound features :

-Hermolin works to stimulate the germination of the total radical vegetative.

-Hermolin overcomes the aging and withstand stress conditions(frost -salinity -heat -Diseases plant -toxicity pesticides .......) of others occasion plant .

- Hermolin regulates and promotes cell division and increase sizing of the fruits.

-Hermolin motivate exit and increase buds side where its adiscouraged acid alabcesc (ABA).

-Hermolin overcomes the effect of apical sovereignty and smoothing out the buds.

-Hermolin determines operation formation and discrimination member vegetable especially buds.

- Hermolin working to increase the proportion of flowering and the contract and increase the volume

and prevent yellowing and defoliation.

- Hermolin works to increase the elongation phalanges and the size of securities and thereby increase

 photosynthesis and stimulate food transformation process within the plant .

-Hermolin works to improve the quality and increase the yield and raise the qualities storage



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