potassium Humate 10%

Fertilizers organic fertilizer high melt containing complex materials and humic acids.

humic and fulvic acids in the from of potassium Haomat extracted from rocks to Eonardat increases 

plant growth and drastically vegetative and clutch natural for all the minor and magor elements in the soil .

the importance of this compost :

-Hemogard increase soil fertility and maximize the benefit of fertilizer additives . 

-Hemogard works humic acid and fulvic acid as organizations and triggers the growth of the plant and astimulant

for the growth of roots and increase their ability to adsorption of nutrients and water and thus stimulate vegetative growth

and increase productivity and fruit quality . 

-Hemogard increases the cation exchange capacity (CEC) and thus works on sleeds Elements Minor in at the soil aeration 

increases the permeability of soil to water.

-Hemogard helps improve sandy soils increases the strength of its ability to retain water and nutrients adsorption with soil particles.  

Hemogard help solve salinity resulting from soil salts proplem or hold nutrients with soil minerales or granules which easily laundered to thendepth of the soil or sewage unfurled the efficiency of nutrient uptake of the plant.

-Hemogard free from weed seeds and diseases that afflict many types of crops compared with farmyard manure or compost untreated.

-Hemogard stimulates metabolism and increases carbohydrate inventory at the plant.

-Hemogard increase the plants ability to resist stress and bad climate conditions.

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