plants Growth Regulat

Active ingredient:

plant growth regulator nanotechnology forces acts as acatalyst to improve the quality of 

the crop marketing and storage 

Compound features:

1-Cytoking works on stimulate and activate Germination from sum radical and vegetative .

2-Cytoking overcome on aging and carry Circumstances stress (frost - salinity - heat - Diseases plant- 

toxicity pesticides ....)of others occasion plant.

3- Cytoking regulated and encourages division cellular and increase scaling fruits.

4-Cytoking motivate exit buds side where its adiscouraged acid alabcesc(ABA).

5- Cytoking overcomes on effect sovereignty apical the homogenization exit buds.

6-Cytoking determines operation formation and discrimination member vegetable especially buds . 

7-Cytoking works on aplus Rate Gammadion the contract and increase the size and prevent yellowing and loss securities.

8-Cytoking works on aplus elongation phalanges and size the leaves and therefore aplus the acting photosynthetic and motivate operation the shift food inside plant.

9- Cytoking  works on improvement quality and increase crop and raise his attributes storage.


























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